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13th-15th November 2020
Miami, Florida

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What treatment do you offer your patients who have airway issues? Is it any different for a child or an adult? How about an infant? Would you be interested in learning from the leaders in airway management what they do for patients of different ages?

We have assembled world renowned experts from orthodontics, oral surgery and other specialties to discuss treatment strategies and interdisciplinary approaches for improved airway management of their patients. They will share their experiences in treating airway restrictions from infants to adults.

The Airway Symposium in Miami will span three days and cover:
• In-depth exploration and discussion of the significance of nasal breathing.
• Key aspects of establishing an interdisciplinary team of treatment providers.
• Treatment planning for optimal outcomes.
• Determining clinical treatment guidelines for all age groups.

Whether you are an Orthodontist, ENT, Pediatric Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Restorative Dentist, Sleep Specialist, Pediatrician, Myofunctional Therapist or any other clinical professional dealing with respiratory issues, this unique event is an opportunity not to be missed!


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